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Mook's Adventure Series 2007

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How many tournaments are you planning on attending this year?
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:13 pm    Post subject: Mook's Adventure Series 2007 Reply with quote

I thought it would be fun this year to post a documentary, if you will, of each tournament or disc golf adventure I attend this year. I thought I would be the best candidate for something like this because I play in more tournaments and travel farther than any other member in the PVDGC. Granted, Caleb travels alot and sees alot as well, but his documentary would come back with, "well....I won again. I made a little inside game with myself to make it competitive considering I was 5 strokes ahead with 9 holes left to play." See!?! Where is the fun in that? I will also be posting standings and also financial results of each adventure, such as I paid this much in gas and registration fees and came away with this. So, here we go! It should be alot of fun this year! I am very excited for all that is happening and hope you are too! Maybe one day, you will see this documentary in the movies!
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:40 pm    Post subject: The Frozen Chozen (Pocatello Ice Bowl) Reply with quote

The first one of the year is always the Ice Bowl, where your biggest goal is to keep your fingers and toes from going numb. It wasn't too bad this year. I think I could feel all of my extremities the entire time. Usually, I would tell you that the Ice Bowl is the worst experience for me because putting is horrible in the cold.
This year was different. Austin put on a great tournament with 20 participants. It was held at Upper Ross Park with an informal rule book. I went into each round with a goal to be 4 under par each 18 holes. The first round I hadn't missed one reasonable putt. There weren't alot of birdies, but absolutely no bogies. I birdied hole #8 with an anheiser backhand star firebird that ended up 2 feet from the hole. The closest I had ever been on that hole.
I ended up 3 under par, one short of my goal. I figured I was in 2nd place considering Caleb was there. Much to my surprise, he decided to throw us a bone and play with his gloves on. I was in the lead at the break.
That ended quickly when in the 2nd round, Caleb threw up to birds and went a stroke up (he took his gloves off). I was watching him from behind the rest of the round. Me n Caleb and some ace runs on hole #2 that were fun to watch. I shot 2 down and ended up with a 103 total score. That is 5 under par. I was pretty happy with my putting especially. The only legitimate putt I missed was on hole #7 when a twig (that I tried to break) got in the way of my hand and I missed a 15 footer.
I lost 1st place by 5 strokes. It was a fun Ice Bowl. I came out of it with a homemade mini basket (I gave it to my 4 year old Ben), a T-shirt, a star valkyrie, and some gift certificates. Next on the calandar is the Salt Lake City Ice Bowl on Feb 3rd.

Other mentionables:
Brady Belnap finished 3rd in the Advanced Division (which was the highest division) with a 113.
Caleb finished 1st with a 98.
Jon Bunker finished 1st in Intermediate.

I put $20 into this tournament, plus about 30 cans of food for donation.
I won an estimated $58 in prizes and players packs stuff. So, i am +$38 between what I put in and what I got out.
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salt Lake City Ice Bowl 2007

I went down to Utah for the SLC Ice Bowl. I was the only one there from Idaho. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I drove down at 6:00am that morning expecting less snow than Idaho, and much to my surprise, there was snow! The morning round was at Valley View DGC and the afternoon at Creekside.
I was debating with myself even up to the Player?s meeting whether to go Advanced or Pro. I have only managed 2nd to last as my best Pro finish in Utah recently, so I went Advanced.
There was up to 6 inches of snow at Valley View, it really was an Ice Bowl there. The round was monotonous. Lots and lots of pars from everyone in our group. Nobody had more than 1 birdie and we all finished within 1 stroke of each other in the morning?..on the scorecard. I say it that way because there is a certain anonymous individual who shot a 5 on a long hole but his scorecard said 3. Things that make you go hmmmm?..
I didn?t notice this fact until the second round. He was put in the leader group with me and I scratched my head, looked at his scorecard, and tried to make a decision. Should I call him on his error? Should I let Karma work its magic? Was he a blantant cheater or did he even realize the mistake on his card? What would you do?
I went with Karma, just because I am chicken when it comes to confrontation.
Creekside was soooo much nicer! 50 degrees, no coat, its time to play. I was tied with two others for 1st place after the 1st round. The Karma thing wasn?t working out so well. I would birdie a hole and then turn around and bogey the next, so I stayed close to par most of the time.
We had 5 holes left and I was stuck in DEAD 3rd. I was 2 strokes behind 2nd and 3 strokes ahead of 4th place. The player in question was 3 strokes ahead in 1st! ?So much for Karma?, I thought to myself. By the way, I don?t REALLY believe in Karma, but I do believe people get what they have coming to them in some way or another.
We walk up to hole #2 which is a sharp dogleg right, with large trees covering the basket. Mr. Scorecard stepped up and threw a roller that headed left and kept on going. His 2nd shot was farther from the basket than his drive. I, on the other hand, parked it 10 feet from the basket with a forearm Firebird. I got 3 strokes on him on one hole. The next hole I birdied and he parred, and then next hole I parred and he bogeyed.
With 3 holes left, I was still 2 strokes behind another guy, Todd, who was awesome. I didn?t mind losing to him. On hole #4, the basket was in the long position which means that there is a drastic 25 foot slope immediately right of the basket. Todd couldn?t get his upshot to stick on that hill. It rolled all the way down twice. I felt awful! He shot a 7 and I parred. All of the sudden, there was one hole left and I was two strokes ahead of everybody! I won!
As far as the whole Advanced vs Pro decision went. I would have finished 9th out of 13th in pro and wouldn?t have won anything. Instead, I won $60 in gift certificates. I guess from here on out I will have to go pro.

No other PVDGC members played in this event.

I paid $21 for registration, food bank donations, and ace pot. I won $60 so that puts me +$39.00 for the event.

I am +$77.00 in what I?ve put in and taken out for the year.

Next up: Winter Wizard?s Tournament in Brigham City, Utah on February 10th, 2007.
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Winter Wizard II

So, I went down to Brigham City for the Winter Wizards II. Basically, you enter in and get a Gateway Wizard disc and thats the only disc you can play with. The John Adams Park Course there is great for this! The course with the one putter disc was perfect. After winning in Advanced last week, I was forced to go Pro. I would have gone pro anyway.

The course was short, we were playing 22 holes per round. I had a goal to be at least 10 under par each round. The first round came around and it was a blast! There were two almost aces that hit the basket square (not by me, by Trent Limb and Josh Rowland of Provo). I had two runs of birdies. I shot 4 birds in a row then later in the round I shot 5 birds in a row. I finished 9 under par after the first round. I was 8th out of 18 pros.

After lunch, I don't think the Taco Time I ate agreed with my game. The TD also tried to stick me in a group with players that were 2 and 3 strokes behind me, when I was tied with 3 others. Not Fair! So, I made a stink and got moved into the second group with scores I was more equal to. This round was wild! After 5 holes, I was already 5 strokes behind the lead in our group. After the next 6 holes, we were all within 2 strokes. After the next 5 holes, I was 6 down. I couldn't put together a good string of birdies. The funniest thing happened in the middle of the round. We almost had a black ace. Thats when you ace the wrong hole. The funny thing about it was that the "wrong ace" was only about 30 feet in front of the tee pad.

So anyway, There were 3 holes left. I was sitting 3 strokes down of Brock, 2 strokes down of Justin, and 1 stroke down of Todd (the almost black acer). I said to myself, I said, "I am not going down without a fight". So, I stepped up and threw my drive right into a tree!!! I was 60 feet short! I figured that was the end.....until I stepped up to my disc and drained a 60 foot putt! Well, much to my disappointment, everyone else in my group birdied as well. We all parred out the next two holes. I finished the round only 5 down.

I finished the tournament 14 under, but dropped to 11th overall. No money for me. No ace pot for me. The best pro finished 31 down. WOW! I was just hoping to be the best of the worst. I came pretty close. Even though I didn't win, I played real well and had alot fun. I recommend this tournament to anyone.

The only problem with the event was the strong presence of weed. It seems like, if its not PDGA, you are guaranteed to find marijuana at a Utah tournament. It's too bad. Even if you smoke that stuff, why do you have to do it at a tournament?!? It does also give you an unfair advantage seeing as it is a nerve calming drug and tournaments do mess with your nerves.

No other PVDGC members were at this event.

I paid $29 between registration, Ace Pot, and CTP (you had to pay into the CTP's). I only came home with my player's pack which was worth about $10. So, I came out of this one -$19.

Next up: Provo Ice Bowl in Provo, Utah on February 24th, 2007.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2006
Posts: 148
Location: Spokane Valley, WA

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 1:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry to interrupt the flow of your tournament progress Brandon, but you brought up a couple of interesting points that I wanted to talk/ask you about.

First off, I really like the idea of the Winter Wizard tournament format. Did you like the Wizard? What was the longest hole that you had to throw the thing on? I have found the Wizard to be similar to the big bead Aviar. Gateway just released the Warlock, which is supposed to be a beadless Wizard. The Garden City Flyers Disc Golf Club in Missoula just joined the Gateway autoship program where they sell us 30 discs of their most recent mold and give them to us 30 days before they release them to the general public. It's a pretty cool system. We got our first shipment of Warlocks and the club was selling them at our Ice Bowl yesterday. Gateway sells them to us at wholesale prices and we sell them at tournaments or to whomever wants one with the proceeds going to the club. I picked one up yesterday for $6.50. I don't plan on throwing it but it is a neat looking and feeling disc, it was too good of a deal to pass on. It feels like the beadless Aviar. I guess when we get their next step up in plastic (e-plastic) we as club members will only have to pay $10 each for those. The club sold 23 of its first 30 discs yesterday.

Anyway, I also wanted to talk about the other thing you mentioned, that being weed. I still can't believe that other players are so willing to put such a negative light on the sport they love to play by smoking on a public course regardless of legality. I can't stand it either. Of the 6 other players I had in my 2 flights yesterday at the Missoula Ice Bowl, 5 out of the 6 smoked frequently, and with utter disregard for the nonsmokers -- they were amazingly rude about it. If I were a TD, regardless of sanctioning, I would DQ any players caught smoking in a tournament. It gives all disc golfers such a bad reputation despite all the good that other people try to do for the sport. I remember bringing this topic up on the Garden City Flyers website last year after the Creekside Open in SLC. That's always a hot topic. Hopefully someday, all the idiots that smoke weed during tournaments will realize how much they are not helping our sport grow and that non players look down on our sport because of the actions of a few careless people. I always tell people that if they want to smoke themselves retarded to go ahead, but keep it the heck away from me and make it so it really does only affect you. Just my 2 cents.

PDGA# 28786
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 1:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Scott! I actually would love to have any feedback on my journeys. As much as anyone wants!

I liked the Wizard. I don't use an Aviar but did throw it long ago and would definately agree it is similiar. It does have a bigger bead. If I threw it heiser, it would stay stable. If I snapped it straight, it wouldn't turnover, it had a very nice glide straight to the hole. The longest hole that we played was 320 feet. The closest shot I saw was about 20 feet short so some of the pros were throwing it 300 feet. As far as putting with it, it was very similiar to what I remember of the aviar, maybe a little more stable. The bead was similiar to my Omega so it was easy for me to putt with as well.

As far as weed goes.......THANK YOU!!! Let me tell you a story. I watch ESPN 2 on my tv and see things like "The British Dart Championship", the "Paper, Rock, Scissors Championship", Arm Wrestling, Synchronized Swimming etc... I am so mad because I am like, "Why can't we see Disc Golf on ESPN instead of this stuff?!?" I heard a rumor that ESPN did come out to a PDGA event, saw some golfers smoking weed, and took off.

So, if you weed smokers are keeping me watching the Paper, Rock, Scissors Championship on ESPN, you better not be smoking that around me, cause the hammer is coming down!
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Provo Ice Bowl

Wasn't much to report here. I took my family down to Provo for this thinking there would be the 50+ entrants like the SLC Ice Bowl. My sister in law lives a couple blocks from the course so we just stayed with the night before and after.

Well, apparently the bulk of the Team Utah organization went down to Las Vegas for the Gentlemen's Club tournament and left nobody in charge up here. Only 22 peoples showed and were sitting wondering why there wasn't any registration happening. No TD had ever been assigned for this event, so the locals took over and decided to play random draw doubles. I was on the fence whether I should stay and play or not.

I decided to play. I was put with a guy named Brandon (hah, Brandon and Brandon) from Evanston, Wyoming. Apparently, there was a convoy that came from Wyoming for the "big tournament". I guess Team Utah isn't everywhere all the time like they advertise. It was a huge disappointment for me.

Anyway, we played two rounds of 16 holes at Provo. There was a big storm that dropped 5 inches of snow the day before. But today, the sun came back out. It was about 45 degrees so the snow was wet and it stuck to your disc. Me n Brandon didn't have complimenting games. When I would shank a hole, he would shank a hole. When I missed a putt, he missed a putt. We finished 4 under par. We were in 5th place at the break, only 3 strokes behind the leaders.

The lunch break was two hours long! Why!?! I forgot how to play disc golf when I came back. Me n Brandon did better this round. We didn't compliment each others game this round either but in a good way. When I parked a hole, he would too. There was one hole we were both within 5 feet of on the drive. There was a controversal shot on hole #13. Brandon had landed his drive about 30 feet from the basket but in the thick of trees. My shot was 60 feet away but wide open. Brandon said we should take his shot, and without looking I trusted him. Scott, who played in our group looked at me and said that I should veto that decision cause there wasn't any window from where we were taking the shot. I told him I trusted my partner. Brandon threw up his putt and it made it threw the window for an easy 3. Since we had a 3 for sure, I went for it and drained the 30 footer (with some style points as well). It was the highlight of the day.

We ended that round 6 under par. We finished 10 under for the day and jumped up to 4th place out of 11 couples. I paid $13 dollars after charity donations and the ace pot and ended up winning $12. Yay!

It was still fun to play doubles, but a major disappointment from the competition I was expecting, especailly after a 3 hour drive
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Team Utah Monthly Series
Bicentennial Park

So, I finally got to go to another tournament. I will actually have a busy couple of months with 7 tournaments in 8 weeks, two of which I am running. Mostly just local small events, like this one I just went to.

I went down to Provo to play in this monthly. My in-laws only live a couple blocks from the course so its a nice mix of discs and family.

I guess Utah guys are reading my adventure series posts cause one guy came up to me and said he never thought he would see me in Provo again. Yeah, I was bummed out about the Provo Ice Bowl (read previous post), but I wasn't holding any grudge at all.

I entered Pro in this event, it was a rollercoaster ride. In the first five holes, I scored a 1, 2, 3 , 4, and a 5. Thats right, I aced a hole! On hole #6 which is the tee box against the power line fence. I threw my Champion Firebird forearm right into the basket. It is a blind hole. I didn't hear any chains, so I figured I had an excellent shot that metaled. I was wrong. The group I was with saw it sitting in the basket. Wahoo! The sad part about this was after the ace, I was even.

I shot 1 under the first round, throwing drive after drive into the ground. Nothing was consistent. It was army golf (as Big Wave said)....LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT!. Never in the middle. I was 13th out of 18 pros after the first round.

The second was ditto the first, but no ace. I shot an even worse 3 over par! I am not sure where I ended up at the end of the day, but the only money in my hand was the $48 Ace Pot.......which was nice.

Overall, the ace made my day more than anything. The rest was dismal.

On a side note, every member (except me) of both groups I played were smoking weed.

Overall I payed $26 to play and enter the ace pot, and I won $48 so I came out +$22.00.

I am +$81.00 for the year.
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lake Walcott Monthly

We will call this tournament, The Curse of the Tournament Director. Even though it was only a monthly series event and TDing this event was super easy, I blame my play on the curse. The weather was nippy, but stayed relatively calm. The first round I shot a 56....at Walcott!! I have not shot over par at Walcott for many moons. My drives were ok, my putting was the worst.

In the pro division, I was dead last. How do you recover from something like this? Take a deap breath, tell yourself there is no way to go but up, and play on!

The second round wasn't amazing, but it was alot better. I shot a 51 and moved my overall ranking up to...drum roll....tied for last place!!! I got to play with Caleb, James, Trent Limb in the first round. Those guys are great. Caleb knows he is my nemesis. Just playing with him anytime messes with my head. I always try to putt longer and throw harder with him around, and it doesn't end well for me. The second round I played with some Utah guys Rob, Brant, and Brody. We had a fun round even though we were in the B.O.B. group.

So, I did win a CTP disc of choice from the club on hole #10 (about 11 feet away). I didn't walk away empty handed. My main concern was the success of the Monthly Series, which I couldn't be happier with the success of this first event.

To give you a comparison on how bad my score was, my last Walcott event I shot a 47 and a 50 respectively.

I put in $25.00 on this event and won a $10 disc. So, I am -$15.00 for the event.

I am +$66.00 for the year.

Next up: Creekside Open X, April 26th and 27th
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Creekside Open X

Beware, this may be a long post!
I attended the Creekside Open this past weekend, which is the biggest tournament I will go to all year. 4 Rounds of 21 holes is pretty much all disc golf all weekend! Where is the Icy Hot?

Round 1 was a medium layout course, I was very worried about my putting because I had played with Caleb the day before and STUNK IT UP (thats an understatement). Well, something magically changed because I was on today. The round started off slow with many pars and 1 bogey. We entered the back nine where I was able to salvage 5 birdies and end up 4 down for the round. Nothing real exciting, just a good grouping of birds at the end. It was good enough to get me in the leadergroup of the Advanced Division. This was PDGA, so I went Advanced and I am glad I did. The best score was a -8.

Round 2 was the long long long layout. Now, remember, there were 110 people crammed into 21 holes on the Creekside Course. The long layout was over 7000 feet. So, this round was the survival of the fittest. I shot par on this layout 2 years ago and that bestest everyone in the Advanced Division. My goal was to shoot 2 over. It didn't work out. I had a couple of birds but mostly bogey after bogey after bogey. Towards the end of the round, you could just see how physically draining this tournament was as every group you saw was hanging their heads hoping to survive. The same was true with my group. With 2 holes left, we were all frusterated in the leadergroup. One player started smoking (no names mentioned), another player in my group saw that it was weed and immediately told him to put it away. This incident consumed the rest of my evening. I shot 6 over par on this round which dropped me down to 7th.

The weed incident was reported to the tournament director. The tournament director spent most of his night calling players (including me), investigating the incident, and trying to make a decision on the scenario. With 2 holes left this guy takes out some weed and is now disqualified from the tournament. Very very unfortunate. I can understand to some extent smoking in your personal life, but why, oh why, do you have to bring it on the disc golf course?!?!? Can't you refrain for 2 and a half hours?
Think about it.

I was upset that that individual even put our group in that position. To have to take our minds away from the event and worry about someone else breaking the rules.

Moving on.

On the next day, the 3rd round was borderline amazing! It was the short layout and I had birdie putt after birde putt. The only hole I screwed up was #14 where I threw my Firebird into the creek and double bogeyed. I hit 7 birdies on this round, but had 14 -15 birdie opportunities. I had a goal to be 6 down, but ended up 1 short at 5 down.

On to the final round. I was in a very good position to move all the way up to 3rd place this round. 1st and 2nd were too far out of reach. I was in 6th place but only 1 stroke behind 5th and 4th and 3 strokes behind 3rd. I was 3 strokes ahead of 7th place. I managed to let the 3 players behind me catch up half way through the round (yep 4 strokes just handed to them). It took an 80 foot miracle putt for a birdie on the 2nd to last hole just to stay tied for 6th. On the last hole, my and Ryan were tied for 6th. He had a 90 footer and I had a 25 footer. Who woulda guessed!? He hit his 90 footer and I missed my 25 footer.

Turns out I did catch up to one player in the leadergroup despite losing to a player in my group. I tied two other players for 6th place out of something like 28 people in my division.

I would tell you this, even though that course is crammed to the max on this tournament weekend, it was alot of fun. It is very exciting and nerve wrecking on every shot. Other than the weed incident, it was alot of fun!

I put in $47 on this event and won $81 in prizes, so I was +$81 for the event.

I am +$100 for the year.

Next up: Ross Park Monthly
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 798

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 4:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lake Walcott Open

This was my first PDGA Open event ever so I was pumped up and then some to get myself some money so I couldn't have an excuse to go Advanced anymore. Let's see what happened.

Steve likes to mix groups up in the morning. I was very fortunate to play with another open player, two advanced, and a good intermediate. The group played great! I was hoping to start somewhere on the front nine so I could warm up my driving and putting before I got to the ever crucial birdy blitz of the back nine. It didn't happen. I started on hole #11. I was worried. I felt like I was on fire, I birdied 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 18. My goal was to be at least 6 down each round, and after 8 holes I was already 5 down!! I was pumped. Let me now introduce you to the melt down know as Brandon's mental game. The first hole I bogeyed was #2 which I consider the easiest hole on the course. My drive was 20 feet away, but there was a brisk when the took my disc above the basket and 25 feet away. I bogeyed #2....ouch! The good news is I usually expect a bogey on 5 and I made a 30 footer to save par, but I went O.B. on #6 and couldn't birdie after that. I had a 15 foot putt on the last hole #10 but I went OB so it was a 15 foot putt for par. I ended the round at 4 down.

At the break, I was in 7th place, but there were 4 people tied for 3rd only 2 strokes ahead of me. So, I felt I had a real good chance of moving up into the dough. I was disappointed to see only 11 open players at this event. I was hoping for more.

The second round came and I was very excited. Maybe a little too excited. I started on #2 and quickly took revenge on my bogey in the first round on this hole. I was the only 1 in my group to bird. Then, total destruction happened. I hit a tree on #3 and bogeyed. I hit a tree on #4 and parred. I bogeyed 5. I bogeyed 6. I was 3 up after the front. I managed to bring myself only down to par for the round after the birdie back nine. I bogeyed 16. It was a train wreck!! I just wanted to cry, but theres no crying in disc golf so I took it like a man and went on a two week vacation with no disc golf. Thats what I am doing right now.

I put in $36 into this event and came out with squat. The big goose egg. So, I was -$36 for the event.

I am +$64 for the year.

Next up: The Riverpark Open, Ogden Utah, June 2nd.
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