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Joined: 27 Mar 2012
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:34 am    Post subject: S.I.M.S. POINTS UPDATE(LAVA) Reply with quote

Here are the udated points as of the Lava Hot Springs S.I.M.S. tournament.


1st. Casey K.-JGM(8)-RPM(0)-FPM(10)-LHSM(10)-total=28pts
2nd. Kerry Hong-JGM(10)-RPM(0)-FPM(6)-LHSM(8)-total=24pts
3rd. Patrick Harris-JGM(7)-RPM(9)-FPM(6)-LHSM(0)-total=22pts
4th. Rob Cowgill-JGM(5)-RPM(6)-FPM(6)-LHSM(2)-total=19pts
4th. Kyle Kramer-JGM(0)-RPM(9)-FPM(10)-LHSM(0)-total=19pts
4th. Brandon Merz.-JGM(0)-RPM(6)-FPM(8)-LHSM(7)-toatl=19pts
7th. Erik Carlson-JGM(9)-RPM(6)-FPM(0)-LHSM(1)-total=16pts
8th. Steven Page-JGM(4)-RPM(0)-FPM(1)-LHSM(6)-total=11pts
9th. Caleb Wolf-JGM(0)-RPM(10)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=10pts
9th. Brad Merzlock-JGM(0)-RPM(3)-FPM(3)-LHSM(4)-total=10pts
11th.Brock Shepherd-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(9)-total=9pts
12th. D.J. Gilbert-JGM(0)-RPM(7)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=7pts
13th. Seth Carter-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(6)-total=6pts
14th. Austin Petit-JGM(0)-RPM(1)-FPM(4)-LHSM(0)-total=5pts
14th. Ty Clark-JGM(3)-RPM(0)-FPM(2)-LHSM(0)-total=5pts
16th. Peter Smith-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(3)-total=3pts


1st. Adam Sweetland-JGM(8)-RPM(10)-FPM(7)-LHSM(6)-total=31pts
2nd. Josh Ely-JGM(6)-RPM(5)-FPM(10)-LHSM(9)-total=30pts
3rd. Shaun Albertson-JGM(10)RPM(9)-FPM(0)-LHSM(7)-total=26pts
4th. Shay Kinghorn-JGM(9)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(10)-total=19pts
5th. David Laudin-JGM(0)-RPM(5)-FPM(9)-LHSM(0)-total=14pts
6th. James Heer-JGM(7)-RPM(6)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=13pts
7th. David Petersdorf-JGM(0)-RPM(9)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=9pts
7th. Jack Denton-JGM(0)-RPM(9)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=9pts
7th. Eric Boyd-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(9)-total=9pts
10th. Sam West-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(8)-LHSM(0)-total=8pts
11th. Rob Barreth-JGM(0)-RPM(3)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=3pts
12th. Matt Wight-JGM(0)-RPM(2)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=2pts


1st. Jared Ivie-JGM(10)-RPM(5)-FPM(7)-LHSM(10)-total=32pts
2nd. Marcus Thew-JGM(9)-RPM(10)-FPM(9)-LHSM(0)-total=27pts
3rd. Brandon Cav.-JGM(6)-RPM(9)-FPM(1)-LHSM(9)-total=25pts
4th. Nate Esplin-JGM(7)-RPM(8)-FPM(2)-LHSM(0)-total=17pts
5th. Ben Egbert-JGM(9)-RPM(0)-FPM(4)-LHSM(0)-total=13pts
6th. Parker Pratt-JGM(8)-RPM(0)-RPM(4)-LHSM(0)-total=12pts
7th. Jade Bills-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(10)-LHSM(0)-total=10pts
8th. Andy Bensen-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(9)-LHSM(0)-total=9pts
9th. Cory Braastad-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(8)-total=8pts
10th. Dale Baldwin-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(7)-LHSM(0)-total=7pts
10th. Alex Ferreira-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(7)-total=7pts
12th. Jared Hall-JGM(0)-RPM(6)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=6pts
12th. Brad Ivie-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(6)-total=6pts
14th. Tyson Andersen-JGM(5)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=5pts
14th. Alex Ron Baldwin-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(5)-LHSM(0)-total=5pts
16th. Brad Parsons-JGM(0)-RPM(4)0-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=4pts
16th. Drew Andersen-JGM(4)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=4pts


1st. Mark Lansang-JGM(9)-RPM(0)-FPM(10)-LHSM(10)-total=29
2nd. Jeff Jones-JGM(8)-RMP(9)-FPM(0)-LHSP(0)-total=17
3rd. Matt English-JGM(10)-RMP(0)-FPM(0)-LHSP(0)-total=10
4th. Dan Garland-JGM(0)-RPM(10)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=10


1st. Melissa Ely-JGM(10)-RPM(10)-FPM(9)-LHSM(10)-total=39
2nd. Liz Merzlock-JGM(9)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(9)-total=18
3rd. Siriana C.-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(10)-LHSM(0)-total=10
4th. Tish Blankenbaker-JGM(0)-RPM(9)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=9
5th. Jaime Kokkonen-JGM(8)-RPM(0)-FPM(0)-LHSM(0)-total=8
6th. Saphire Baldwin-JGM(0)-RPM(0)-FPM(8)-LHSM(0)-total=7


1st. Ben Merzlock-JGM(0)-RPM(10)-FPM(0)-LHSM(10)-total=20

Be sure to make our next tournament in our Southeast Idaho Monthly Series. The Massacre Rocks monthly 8/11/12
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Joined: 11 Jul 2007
Posts: 232

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a Suprise the champ is on top
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Joined: 01 Apr 2012
Posts: 17
Location: Pocatello, ID

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My name still isnt on the open list and i know i have more than 3 points and 5 points cus i got 7 just at jensens...and i have only missed one tourney
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Joined: 01 Oct 2009
Posts: 147

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I will check it out and get in touch with ya
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