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bengal tips

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Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 746
Location: Pokytella

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 2:55 pm    Post subject: bengal tips Reply with quote

This is the longest post of all time. But it may well be the best 20 minutes you ever spent on the internet. Except that one time when you ordered your russian wife. That was awesome.

With Caleb?s tournament coming up I thought I would proffer some advice on how to play Bengal ridge like me. I know not everyone is capable of a round like this but you may be able to pick up a little something. I took a bunch of notes the other day while playing a round and so I could be clear. This is by no means the definitive way to play, it is just one person?s style. I think the power of positive thinking and visualization have a lot to do with my game but I won?t dwell much on that because it sounds fruity.

This round took place May 17, 2007. The weather started breezy and grew quickly worse.
The Prep:
I prefer to start a round with no warm up. This means putting or driving. The reason being that the nearest pin is 9, which is like 150 feet away, the energy spent going down and back would really hurt my round. I don?t throw up from the parking lot because my first throw is always terrible and I have actually lost discs between the lot and the first pad.
The bag:
I like playing with new, experimental discs. For whatever reason when I finally learn what a disc does, and how it works, some of the excitement is gone. Except for my putter. I always carry my trusty putter. I always write my name on newer discs after I lose a few of them and remember. I carry a 500ml water bottle because my bag is a piece of garbage that will only hold a tiny bottle. I never carry a towel because My inadequate bag tends to lose them and we are getting low at the homestead. The only towels left have chickens embroidered on them or are sized just right for a grizzly bear. I carry 6-8 drivers- 3 to throw and the rest for emotional support. 1 midrange (always a 169 buzz) and my trusty putter. Sometimes I carry a second midrange (also a 169 buzz) or putter because they get lonely.
Hole 1:Step up and consult your ego. One time I threw a midrange 280 feet so I assume I can totally do this again, uphill. Wind up and throw the buzz a record 320 feet, downhill to the gully. Out of frustration take out a brand new dark blue star wraith and huck it into the above the hole near pad 2. Go get the buzz and use it to approach the pin from below. Land on the path whenever possible because the bricks will reject and roll your shot every time. Now you?re about 20? to the pin. Miss the hyzer put left and fade off down the hill. Sink a great 30 footer for a 4. Card a 3 because in a tourney you would have gone for the putt more seriously and made it. Card a 2 if you have ever aced the hole because that brings your average way down.
Hole 2: Now that you are warmed up you can really let go. Throw a big backhand into the nearest tree. Escape with a huge looping forehand/tomahawk. Since you lie 2 on the B tee now you have a good stance to go for it. Reach for the blue wraith and realize it is somewhere on 1. Fortunately you are only about 10 steps from hole one so go back and get it. You now realize that dark blue plastic might as well be camo. 20 minutes later return to your lie a pad 2 and throw the blue wraith again. Overshoot the hole whenever possible to confirm to your ego that you are indeed tough. Play the smart move back up to the pin and lay it up to avoid a roll. Take the 5. You deserve it.
Hole 3: Since you know the wind is pushing right to left aim well to the right with your shot. When your disc flips in the wind and goes even further right take comfort in the fact that you lost very little elevation while crossing the valley. A brilliant approach will put you about 30 feet from the pin. Since the wind is now howling you wisely lay up by throwing the disc straight up and letting the wind do its thing. Make the follow up 20 foot putt by throwing it dangerously hard. Don?t count your third throw if you made your follow up putt from further than you started.
Hole 4: Once again consult your ego. If you have ever thrown 400 feet, or even 300 feet you should definitely go for it. The tail wind might accidentally push you up instead of down. I recommend throwing a brand new disc. After having the best drive of your life it is important not to anger the disc golf gods by making the ensuing putt. I throw myself on the sacrificial alter by hitting the wall at least two times and taking at least a 6. At least this way you can look at tee pad 5 ahead of time and make sure it is still there. I would definitely write down a 4 because all those putts are really just practice.
Hole 5: One time I threw a really great forehand here that almost cleared the sage brush stand. Even though that will never happen again because my forehand just gets weaker and weaker I still have to go for it. When your first shot hits the guardian tree on the left I recommend throwing the almighty tomahawk, twice- once to find out that the tree is pretty tall, and once to dislocate your shoulder trying again. If you don?t have the mad tomahawk skills that I do lay up across the gulley. You?ll be further from the pin than when you started, but it seems logical at the time. Your next three throws can go just about anywhere but mine typically do a zig-zag. I try to get closer on 2 out of 3 throws. Once you near the pin this is a great hole to really go for it because the gully provides a good backstop. After missing you putt hike back down to where it rolled and try again until successful. Don?t card all of those putts because it would never do that in a tournament. In fact, card a 3 because one time you got a 3 and would do so again in a tournament.
Hole 6: Since you may be just a few strokes above par at this point it is time to go for it. Since the wind is absolutely howling in your face and you know anything under stable will flip and land back at pad 5 you take out your trustiest disc. The putter is never a bad choice because how far off could it possibly go? Do not under any circumstances count your lost putter as a penalty stroke because you were only throwing it as an experiment. When you are really ready throw the buzz. Six times. Also putt with the buzz because you have no choice. Card whatever score you might get in a tournament. I heard this is a good tomahawk hole for some folks so I might try that next time. And I might get a two so I?ll average that out to a 4 today.
Hole 7. I really like this hole in the wind because the disc can stay aloft for so long you may have time to run up the path and catch it before it hit?s the ground thus not even counting a throw. Beware though that star plastic is really slick at high speeds and it hard to catch, even if it is headed right for your head. After waking up you won?t be able to remember much about your start of the hole so just take a 3 and walk away.
Hole 8 is really great because it is so far downhill that any decent drive or even good midrange can get you into the birdie zone. On this day I got to the tee pad 3A in one. I have never thrown so far in my life. It was so far from the pin that it took three throws to get back. I averaged those out (1+(-3)= -2 -2/2 = -1) after three putts that?s a birdie two. I was bummed about missing my second putt for a ?technical ace? but life goes on.
Hole 9: This is a real treat in a headwind. A really stable disc can just be lifted and carried all the way. I saw it done once. I threw an inferno. Hard. Put plenty of hyzer on it so it wouldn?t flip early. After hitting the B pad sign you may not find it in one piece so take a provisional throw. A trusty blue/camo wraith works for me. Since the hole is like 400 feet, throw it down the gully and deal with the elevation later. Much later. It will take at least an hour to find that stupid wraith down past the concrete drain thing. If your provisional throw is better take it because the rules here are a little unclear, to me. Sink a long 20 foot putt and card a three.

You are now only +3 for nine, not bad for an intermediate. We?ll discuss the back 9 another day.
Look at the size of that pill, I can't swallow that.
Good news everybody! it's a suppository.
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Joined: 17 Aug 2006
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 1:50 am    Post subject: bengal tips Reply with quote

Very Happy Excellent !!

Lance, that is the most fun 9 holes of disc golf I have never played. You and JK Rowling will go down in history.

Do you watch birds too or just M and Mom?

See you on the Ridge.
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Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 746
Location: Pokytella

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 8:04 pm    Post subject: thanks Reply with quote

I enjoyed writing about the round more than playing it.
I'm not much of a birder. We all just like to get outside and learn a little bit. baby kaya is the bird lover.
Look at the size of that pill, I can't swallow that.
Good news everybody! it's a suppository.
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Site Admin

Joined: 09 Aug 2006
Posts: 78
Location: choppin trees the hard way

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I laughed and laughed. Thanks for the little pick-me-up today. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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